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KALININGRAD, Russia at the very heart of the European Union (64 photos)
Kaliningrad,Victory Square at nightfall. Hundreds of persons wandering, untouched by the continuous flow of cars and trolleys. The casinos light up, echoing the golden roofs of the orthodox cathedral, which was built for the city’s 750th anniversary . In the distance , the Soviet Dome reminds that we are in Russia, what we could have forgotten for a time.
A rainy spring day, La Boudeuse dropped anchor in Homo bay, southern Pentecost island, the very spot where Captain Cook landed two and a half centuries ago. Before us, jungle covered mountains dominate the horizon, blanketed by a woolly fog. Dugout canoes are lined up on the sand. If we were not absolutely certain we lived in the 21st century, we might think we had returned to a time long ago.
© .. AFP/     
SAINT GOTHARD'S TUNNEL : Colossal works for a world record (39 photos)
In 1997, after almost a 50 years long planning, the works for the longest tunnel of the world (57Km) have started. 10 years later half of the works has been done. Night and day works are carried out by 2200 employees. They dig the mountain using explosives or tunnel boring machines. Once finished, the tunnel will enable a high speed link between Zurich and Milan in order to ease the development of goods’ and persons’ rail transportation. Important benefits, especially for the environment, are expected.
JANGADAS do BRAZIL (73 photos)
The jangada is a wooden logs raft used by the fishermen of North Eastern do Brazil. Mentioned for the first time in a letter written by Pero Vaz de Caminha on May 1st, 1500, during the discovery of Brazil , the primitive jangada was made of an assembly of wood logs and known under the Portuguese name of almadia (canoe) and piperi by the tupi indigenous people.
© P. Plisson/     
It is not necessary to be a scientific to appreciate wealth and disconcerting beauties of the world of insects. To take the time to lean, to find the sense of look and to allow a wandering of mind... To discover and to fill with wonder at the infinitesimal!
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