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FRANCE : The Battle of Flowers at the 126th Carnival of Nice (67 photos)
This year in 2010, the Nice Carnival is produced for its 126th edition. It takes place as every year in the month of February for two weeks of festivities.
© A. Chausset/
Sophy went blind there is it of numerous years, further to accepted ill-treatments. It is besides a huge problem in Cambodia.
© L. Le Gac/
To be 20 in Antananarivo, in Madagascar … The red island chosen by people of Afrika and the Indian ocean to meet and stay.Here a look at Antananarivo (or Tananarive) through the eye of its youth, a youth wondering about the XXIth century. These youths full of will and desire to succeed are giving us a real life lesson. Let’s fallow them through this reportage far from post card or sordiddly realistic clichés.
© L. Le Gac/     
CHINA : Mosuo people and the Mother Lake (40 photos)
Mosuo people, who belong to the Tibeto-Burmese ethno-linguistic group, are one of the last matriarchal communities in the world. There are about 30000 people living in China within the southwestern limits of the country and more specifically on the borders of the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, not far from Tibet, snow-covered peaks sight of which can actually be caught from there.
© A. Chausset/     
MALAYSIA-Chinese New Year with Lions (28 photos)
With the end of Ramadan and Christmas, the Chinese New Year is one of the three largest annual celebrations in Malaysia. This great celebration lasts 15 days, during which occur multiple festivities. In Malacca, where live a large community of Chinese origin, everyone participates in various ceremonies during the two weeks...
© A. Chausset/
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