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Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are better known as the fashion duo Viktor & Rolf. They probably are one of the most amazing creative teams in the entire world of fashion. This story is not just about how they started out fifteen years, after graduating together in Holland. This story is about how two people put out a strategy to conquer the world. To put it in their words: by aiming high, and striving for perfection.
© E. Scagnetti/
THE GIANTS OF PARIS ... (60 photos)
Paris has the immense privilege to be one of the woodiest capitals of Europe. This situation is the fruit of efforts dating more than a century. Beeches, birches, fir trees you can all meet them whether it is in Tuileries, in Parc Monceau, in Buttes de Chaumont, in Jardin du Luxembourg. They walk in Paris, heights and imposing, they are the beauty nature of the city, make it alive, animate it ...
© M. Maliarevsky/
Amond the most famous violinists of our time, here is a passionate man, as enterprising as he is generous, a creator. Due to a strong personality, warmth, the will to get to the root of things, Ivry Gitlis opens to all of us. Captivating, provocative, he has the rare priviledge to galvanize and draw people along.
© C. Béné/
TIKEN JAH FAKOLY at the ZENITH of PARIS (80 photos)
Tiken Jah Fakoly took over the Zénith in Paris on last april 26, by putting it at reggae time. He plays his music to stir up people’s conscience, as he likes to say it. His music talks about injustice that undergoes the population of his native country, but also and especially the african people.
© C. Béné/
The maid trend in the electric town of Tokyo. The Maid Cafes were born in the Akihabara district to bring to life the imaginary world of the otaku ( people obsessed particularly with anime, manga, or video games).
© E. Senao/
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