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Do you remember this piece of stuff, this thing, this old stuffed animal, this rag whose odor, like no other, could only be smelt by you?? Whatever you called it, Dodo, Tintin, Coco,...It was your friend, your love, your favorite cuddly toy.
Discover those belonging to Sting, Carla Bruni, Denis Hooper, Rossy de Palma, ...
© V. de marly/     
THE KERALA COAST (88 photos)
After Cochin, Philip Plisson goes along the southern coast of Kerala and discovers the villages of Quilon (Kollam), Varkala, Kovalam and Vizhinjam (Vilimjam). The beaches of south Kerala are among the most beautiful ones in India.
© P. Plisson/     
JEAN MICHEL COHEN: the celebrities' nutritionist (15 photos)
Jean Michel Cohen: an exceptional nutritionist, who chose starchy food as a foundation for his diets. Among his patients, a strong percentage of Parisian celebrities...
© M. K/
No longer are the mountains cursed! The Guivres, those limbless dragons, guardians of the glacier’s hidden treasure, have been irrevocably cast out. Long cut off from the world, the highland people, obliged to live self-sufficiently learned to preserve their food. Whilst protecting a benevolent mother-nature, does the mountain repay all she takes?
© A. Muriot/
Stand up paddle, a new way of going on water (12 photos)
Laird Hamilton, pioneer in all the sports of slips watery is spreading a new sport, the stand up paddle.
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