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In Africa, the stifling heat even tires the animals. Departing from the rule, man has for once improved the life of the felines by placing at their disposal strips of shadows where the lionesses’ clan can line up.
© A. Brunsperger/
QOYACHA DANCE (59 photos)
Qoyacha is a festive dance which the roots are mixing identity and symbolize custumes from the XVIII century to the XIX with a very elocant style.
© C. Martin/
THE CHEETAH (25 photos)
Cheetah, majestic animal with a haughty and proud appearance. The Cheetah is a magnificent athlete, a speed champion capable of 100-120 km/h, but only over a very short distance of bout 200 meters. Here he sits, surveying the immense savannah, preparing for the hunt.
© A. Brunsperger/
Any traveller who lands in Peru has dreams of sacred mountains in his mind : the Machu Picchu in the heart of the Andes Cordillera, Cuzco the former Inca capital city or else the Titicaca Lake at a height of 3800 metres… But any traveller landing in Peru should not miss the about-2200-kilometre long coastal desert and its blond sand dunes and stone mountains.
© C. Mahaux/
YELLOW WEAVER (11 photos)
Yellow Weaver knitting their nests. An unforgettable spectacle, to see Yellow Weaver knitting their nests. They look for grass, return to the nest, prick the end of the grass into the wall of the nest, to construct the outside first, then work towards the interior.Then they put their head in the nest and seek the bit which they have just inserted, draw it towards outside, then weave through the wall.
© A. Brunsperger/
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