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MINNEAPOLIS : Al-Shabaab ambushed, the Somali community ready to pounce

MINNEAPOLIS : Al-Shabaab ambushed, the Somali community ready to pounce (56 photos) Send this reportage Send this reportage
Nairobi, 21-24 September 2013: Four heavily armed Somalis from Al-Shabaab attack the Westgate shopping center and killed 67 people. A message on twitter implies link Minneapolis: two attackers were raised in Minnesota. Since 1992 an estimated 100 thousand Somalis immigrants have settled in Minneapolis and its surroundings, populating an area of the state capital called Cedar Riverside.
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Categories: History, Politics, Religion, News, War
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Nairobi, September 21-24th, 2013: Four Somali gunmen from al-Shabaab attack the Westgate shopping mall and kill 67 people. A Twitter message implicates Minneapolis: two of the assailants might have been raised in Minnesota. At the same time, cameras surround "Little Mogadishu", home to more than 100,000 Somalis, the largest community in the western world. The tweet was wrong and the diaspora’s leaders condemned the attack, but to no avail. Nobody can forget that since 2007, up to 50 young Somalis have left Minnesota to join Al-Shabaab in the Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. The terrorist group even circulated a video especially targeted at Minneapolis, a city that has provided the first known suicide bomber with American citizenship. Today, the jihadist threat is the FBI’s top priority in the Twin Cities.

However, the Somali community cries innocent. For years now, Somali refugees have worked hard for a slice of the American dream. Many would like to portray Minneapolis as a haven for extremists, but it's been able to integrate outsiders much more efficiently than cities in Europe. This massive arrival of Somalis have led to multiple religious problems within the already settled American local population. Since 2006, an estimated 25 to 50 young Somali men, influenced by local Imams, have left for Somalia to fight Jihad against the West, bringing negative attention to the Somali community in Minneapolis.