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Close to the frontier with Moldova and the Ukraine and beyond the fearsome and fabulous realm of Vlad Tepes or Dracula, as some prefer to call him a succession of monasteries emerge between beech forests, rivers, valleys and a number of plains.
© E. Scagnetti/
BANGLADESH: Climate refugees (34 photos)
The phenomenon of migration climate is already visible in the world, especially in Bangladesh or in some Pacific islands. Climate change touches already every corner of the world and every aspect of people’s lives.As the global temperature increases, its impacts will become even more extreme.
© A. Wostok Press/
Indebted, operated, silent, but Proud to be farmers! In sixty years the farmers are now endangered. The epic of the ordinary people that one can still meet in remote spots, along goatherd tracks. They are our memory. To all of us. Wisdom of a world carrying a legend, a world that knews how to listen and how to observe the daily beauty surrounding it.
© M. Saud/
“An angel saved my life at the crucial moment. As I was on my knees and ready to kill myself…" Ganay’s experience is an increasingly familiar story across France.
© J. Alpeyrie/
269 LIFE - ANIMALS ACTIVIST (74 photos)
269 Life-Libération Animale, a member of the worldwide movement 269 Life, uses a shocking happenings to defend the animal cause and antispecism, and organizes demonstrations and blockades inside the slaughterhouses.
© N. Liponne/
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