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The very best of Independent Reportage. provides a direct link between editorial purchasers and seasoned professional photojournalists.

Self International Diffusion.
This editorial alert service is intended for photojournalists and magazines wishing to share their passion for Reportage.

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They write us - Thanks to your kind comment.

I always enjoy your picture selections!
We have a single picture story slot in Spiegel magazine, for which I would like to suggest one or two of the pictures.
With best wishes,

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Pops Magazin
Thank you for an excellent brief on current evolution of I am particulary interesting in being able to track their current whereabouts.
El Mundo

We are still reviewing your other submissions, please bear with us.
Traveller magazine

Looks great and simple - this is real good news!
I was waiting for years, something new in diffusion of reportage to be happen. This is a very important moment!
Mark - Photojournalist seems to be a really good website, one of the best there is, in the very complicated theme of photo stories.
Well done! Talk to you soon,
Din. - Photojournalist

Congratulation on your idea of  creating a link between medias and photographers. Congratulation also on your website : it’s clear and easy .  
Sophie and Jérome
Travel photographers and lecturers

You have developed a great concept, particularly for serious photographers trying to break into the field.
John B