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This editorial alert service is intended for photojournalists and magazines wishing to share their passion for Reportage.

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All picture are copyrighted, Rights-Managed & licensed
Rights-managed products are licensed on a use-by-use basis. The fee for using the product is calculated from several factors including size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. At the time you order a rights-managed product, you will be asked to submit information that will specify the usage rights to be granted

How can I propose new subjects for is a diffusion and alert service for magazines who wish to receive before everyone else the latest subjects that might interest them.
To propose subjects to the registered photo editors, you only need to register throughout the registering process (to return to us signed) and to carefully read the instructions.
In order to guarantee the good quality of its service, has the rights to refuse the diffusion of reportages of insufficient quality, incomplete, or that could undermine integrity or somebody’s image.

What types of reportages sell best?
Good reportages ;-)
The topic and the way the story is treated are equally important. Experience has taught me that a good story has a sharp angle, great visuals, a well-written text and adapted legends for each shots. Currently, all types of professional well-documented reportages can be of interest to’s subscribers.

Should I be including multiple images of similar subjects or more tightly editing the reportage?
It is important to limit yourself when it comes to the number of images you put on the site. Please select your visuals carefully. Smart choices will allow your best shots to be noticed immediately by the editors. Remember having to visualize too many images can be tiring and, instead of being noticed by the client, your best photos would be lost in a sea of other visuals.

Is it possible to propose reportages that do not contain texts (only photos or photos and, perhaps, a title)?
In order to be presented, a subject needs to be given with, at least, a title, a “hat”, a short summary of three lines and an introduction of 10 lines in French and in English.How much are the reportages sold? How are the tariffs decided?
The tariffs and selling prices depend on the country and the magazine they are sold to. We work on UPC (Union Professional Creators) tariffs for our French clients.

What size must the pictures be and how many characters must the presentation text content?
There must at least be a title, a “hat” (short summary of three lines) and an introduction of 10 lines in French and English to present the subject.
The size of the images must be of at least 800 pixels on the biggest width, 72 dpi.

Can I choose the countries where my reportages will be distributed?
Actually, the principle of is much easier than that. is a website of on line sales for magazine subjects. The photographers can use it to present their subjects to their own customers and take care of everything online

How can I display my images on you site?
Displaying the images on the website is very simple. You just need to follow step by step the instructions notice we will send you on your request.

Is it a problem if I live abroad?
Absolutely not! We work with worldwide photographers and believe it is our strength. That way, we can propose different subjects from different parts of the world. And as is accessible from any computer with an Internet access, you can send your subjects from anywhere in the world.
Moreover, we work with photo redactors from different nationalities that appreciate to see multicultural working methods and subjects.

What is exactly the relationship between the photographers and only acts as a worldwide diffusion tool for the photographers. That is to say that the website gives the photographers the opportunity to present their reportages to photo redactors from all around the world. There is no exclusivity on The photographers are free to propose their pictures anywhere they want throughout the website.

Do you sell single images or just the whole feature package?
We sell whatever the magazines want to buy… That is to say that we can all the same sell a single picture or the entire package. But most of the time, magazines buy between 5 and 10 pictures per reportage.

Some of my reportages have already been published; can I put them online anyway?
Yes you can. We work with magazines from all around the world… so if some of your pictures have already been published in certain countries, other parts of the world can also be interested in seeing them.

Can the photo editors buy the photos without the text?
Yes, they can. Even though the text is obligatory to propose a reportage, the photo editors do not always need them (they sometimes already have their own text to go with the pictures). In that case, they can only purchase the photos they need.

In all litigious cases, for deontology and respect, the last word is always given to the photographer.