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OMAN, ARABIA JEWEL (76 photos)
Reclining in all the perfumes of Arabia, Oman is finally opening up to tourim, and for the better, as it offers the most fascinating landscapes of the Peninsula. Sand from the dunes and the beaches blends to take you to a country where tradition and modernity happily stand together.
© P. Géraud/     
In the french capitale of France, Paris, since the 60s, barges and houseboats have settled along the parisians banks and in the "Bras de la Tortue", east of the St Germain island. An new art of French living, aquatic and bohemian, which has nothing to envy the Louisiana bayou. In this green oasis, just steps from the center of Paris smell like neo May 68. Discovery trip in the heart of this lakeside village.
© V. Capman/
MINNEAPOLIS : Al-Shabaab ambushed, the Somali community ready to pounce (56 photos)
Nairobi, 21-24 September 2013: Four heavily armed Somalis from Al-Shabaab attack the Westgate shopping center and killed 67 people. A message on twitter implies link Minneapolis: two attackers were raised in Minnesota. Since 1992 an estimated 100 thousand Somalis immigrants have settled in Minneapolis and its surroundings, populating an area of the state capital called Cedar Riverside.
© J. Alpeyrie/
May 1, 2014, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. Protestors are attacking police riot. Hundreds of pro-Russian militants have seized the regional prosecutor's office in the city of Donetsk. The attackers hurled Molotov Cocktails and rocks at the riot police guarding the building, promptly forcing the police to retreat inside the building.
© J. Alpeyrie/
February 22, 2011 Christchurch was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 6 destroying much of its downtown. To overcome the "red zone" closed to the public which are located at most stores, a "container mall" unique in combining practicality born and ultra-class ..
© B. Richard/
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